Veterans Administration (VA) up to 100% LTV

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Veterans Administration (VA) loans have excellent terms up to higher LTV’s with NO MI, but are underwritten differently than Conventional or FHA loans.  Appraisals and documentation are unique, and underwriters are reviewing VA files to determine a benefit to the veteran. VA mortgages have the best loan terms of any government financing available, so if VA eligible, you should take advantage of using the VA mortgage program.

      • 100% LTV for Purchases & Cash Out Refinances
      • NO Mortgage Insurance to help keep payments lower
      • VA full doc allows credit scores as low as 550 FICO score
      • Manual Underwriting allowed for derogatory credit issues
      • High Balance loans possible 
      • VA IRRRL’s (rate & term refinance) allowed without income qualification or appraisal
      • Renovation and new construction loans possible

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