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Colorado VA Home Loans

With no universally accepted regional breakdown of the state, the structure of Colorado is refered to generically as the Eastern Slope and the Western Slope. Containing much of the Rocky Mountains and with the highest elevation in continental U.S., Colorado very much embodies the free spirit that this country was founded on. Named for the Colorado River and encompassing the western edge of the Great Plain, Colorado has topography as unique as its population. Admitted to the Union in 1876 as the 38th state, the region was inhabited by indigenous people for more than 13,000 years prior to contact with the first Europeans to enter the area. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led the first European expedition throughout the area. Nearly 100 years later the Kingdom of France claimed the area. The secured part of the state as part of the Louisiana Purchase, but later abandoned claims to the area as part of the purchase of Florida. In totality, the territory of Colorado was acquired by the United States following the conclusion of the Mexican-American War.

The state is home to just over 5.187 million, with the most populous city being Denver. In fact, the Denver-Aurora-Boulder metropolitan area holds almost 62 percent of the state’s residents. Colorado has consistently been recognized for its strong and flourishing economy, and in 2010, CNBC named it as a Top State for Business, behind only Virginia and Texas.

With seven major military installations being located in Colorado, the state has a veteran population of almost 400,000, making it one of the premier places for veterans to purchase a home after their service. Bases in the state include the Pueblo Chemical Depot Army Base, Fort Carson Army Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, Buckley Air Force Base, and Air Force Academy Air Force Base.

In order to obtain a VA home loan, a Net Tangible Benefit calculation is required. In addition, for eligible veterans considering the purchase a home in Colorado, it’s important to note that the purchase of manufactured homes are not allowed.

As a first step, veterans may want to consider getting pre-approved prior to shopping for homes with a VA home loan. Dave Kevelighan can help with this process, or you can click the secure online application link. Then, Dave can review the current financial situation to determine how much of a loan the veteran can qualify for to purchase a home. 

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