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Everyone has heard of the FHA loan, but we’re not so sure that people really understand what it is all about. FHA is still the go-to program for borrowers with lower credit scores or little credit history.  3.5% is the typical minimum down payment, and Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs from various agencies such as CHAC & CHFA are typically allowed with many wholesale lenders.

FHA does not hit your interest rate for low credit scores the way Conventional loans do. A credit score below 680 on a conventional loan has overlays and price adjustments. At a certain point the FHA loan becomes a much better deal.  With FHA you can get a much lower interest rate and much better deal if you have a lower credit score. Generally speaking, if your credit score is between 580 and 660, an FHA loan may be the way to go.

  • FHA loans allows credit scores down to 550 FICO scores with AUS approval
  • 580+ FICO scores allowed on Non-Credit Qualified Streamlines
  • Max DTI Ratios per AUS approval for 600+ FICO borrowers
  • Max DTI Ratios of 31/43 for 550 – 599 FICO borrowers
  • Manual Underwrites will allow for higher ratios above 31/43 on 600+ FICO borrowers with Compensating Factors
  • NO Income Verified and NO Max LTV / CLTV on FHA Streamlines
  • FHA Loan Streamlines allow for 2nd Home & NOO occupancy types, and NO appraisal required
  • Non-traditional credit permitted on manual underwrites
  • Non-occupying co-borrowers allowed with family members up to 96.5% LTV on purchases
  • Refer to FHA HUD Handbook 4000.1 regarding underwriting guidelines

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